Gravel and Shingle Driveways

Get a gravel driveway installed today in Surrey. Make your home stand out by using a natural stone option. We provide a range of aggregate options to our customers. Ranging in colour to size, from light colours to deep strong vibrant coloured gravel driveways.
With a wide variety of sizes and colours available to choose from, a shingle or gravel driveway is guaranteed to blend in beautifully with any home in Surrey.
Gravel driveways in Surrey are very easily installed and are easy to maintain. They are a low cost alternative to some of the more expensive solutions like paving. With the many different sizes and colours, it gives you the control over what you want your driveway to look and feel like.

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Gravel Installations

They are also very durable and create fantastic traction in all types of weather conditions. Gravel or shingle driveways simply need to be raked to level it as stones will spread through regular use of the driveway area.
We offer a wide variety of styles in order to give any gravel driveway a unique feel to it. Gravel being a natural aggregate means you can combine it with a lot of different surface types and it will fit naturally without looking out of place on your driveway in Surrey.

Permeable Driveways

The biggest benefit to having a gravel driveway is the natural permeable state of your driveway. This can be of great benefit to people who suffer with surface water or are restricted by SUDS regulation when installing a new driveway area. We provide a permeable paving option as well for our customers but the permeable gravel option is the more affordable option. Check out some of the other options we have available for Surrey ranging from tarmac options in Surrey and Paving Options in Surrey.
You can rest assured that whatever your requirements are for a gravel driveway in Surrey, Affordable Paving and Landscaping are the company for you! Give us a call now for a free no obligation quotation on your driveway or patio in Surrey area. You will love our prices!

No Deposit Required

We do not require any deposit or payment upfront to start any work. Our aim as a block paving contractor is to provide you our customer with a professional service, multiple budgetary options and value for your money. Call us today to schedule a FREE quote!